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The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of ShillingtonLooking for a pharmacy in Reading, Berks County, PA that can make your prescription refill experience easy, but also provide cost savings over what other pharmacies in Reading charge these days?  The Medicine Shoppe of Shillington PA is it.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington is a family-owned community pharmacy, located at 101 W Lancaster Avenue, Shillington, PA 19607 providing superior pharmaceutical needs and customer care for everyone in Reading, Berks County PA and the surrounding area.

To us, quality pharmacy care means more than just prompt prescriptions and medications. It means getting the personal care and attention you deserve! To that end, we don't work for the insurance company or the healthcare system in the Reading, PA area. We work for you and are driven to obtain the best care that your insurance will pay for, period. 

We're More Than Just A Pharmacy In Shillington, PA

Because we  take pride in delivering superior care to every patient and customer, we want to be your “patient care advocate” for insurances and prescribers. 

Because everyone's needs are unique, our knowledgeable pharmacists always take the time to get to know you and your medications needs.  

Because we truly care about your every concern, feel free to call us with any questions about a prescription or our services, or stop by the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington located at 101 W Lancaster Avenue, Shillington, PA 19607.  One of our professional pharmacists will be very happy to help you.

call the medicine shoppe pharmacyof shillington

Why Choose us over other Pharmacies in Reading, Berks County PA?

Do a search for 'pharmacies near me' and you'll get a plethora of pharmacies in Reading, Berks County, PA to choose from.

However, what sets us apart from other pharmacies are:

  • The fastest prescription refill in Berks County
  • Free mailing of all orders to your home
  • Free same day prescription delivery to your house
  • The lowest prescription price in town

What Does The Medicine Shoppe Of Shillington PA Offer

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, PA Offers:

  • Specialty in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Generic Viagra® and Generic Cialis 10mg or 20mg now available for $99 for 10 tablets, 50 tablets of Sildenafil 20mg or Generic Cialis 5mg or 2.5mg for $99. 
  • Generic Viagra® - FDA approved Generic VIAGRA® at a fraction of the price of other U.S. pharmacists, and pharmacies in Reading, Berks County.
  • Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) - No other pharmacy in Reading PA, Berks County can beat our Cialis price (Generic Cialis).
  • CBD oil - Ananda all natual full spectrum CBD oil, CBD in softgel capsules and CBD salve, as well as Medterra CBD Topical cream. Cannabis Oil - Cannabis-Infused Intimate Oil known as Bliss
  • EZ Med Pack - Innovative multi-dose packaging system (Medi Planner | Dispill) sorted and packaged by our pharmacists, personalized for you. Its similiar to Pillpack and with color coded blister for time of the day. 
  • Clinical Services – Includes Medication Management Therapy (MTM) or Comprehensive Medication Management and Medication Synchronization.
  • Extended Day Supply Generic Drug Program – List of Generic Medications for 180 days or a one-year supply at discounted prices.
  • Immunization – All CDC recommended vaccinations are available. No appointment needed. Flu and Shingrix now available. 
  • Vitamins and OTC – We provide premium vitamins and over-the-counter products with proven track record. We carry all natural Full Spectrum CBD Oils (cannabis oil), salves, CBD for pets, and Bliss from Ananda Professional.  Miaderm Radiation relief lotion with 4% lidocaine. 

 Not all pharmacies offer these great services to its customers, but  The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington does! Our team of skilled pharmacists and professionals are dedicated to making your prescription refill and clinical service experience easy, and very pleasant.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, PA

We're More Than a Pharmacy in Reading, Berks County - We Are Your Patient Care Advocates