The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, PA offers the following services:

Multi Dose Packaging

Blister PackDispill (Multi Dose Packaging) is innovative simple, safe and convenient medication packaging system design to make it easy to take your medications.

Each unit pack color-coded and label morning, noon, evening, and bedtime so you know exactly when take your medication. Filled by our pharmacist so there are no mistakes and it is much cleaner than traditional pillboxes. It’s like taking your pharmacist home with you. To learn more about Multi Dose Packaging(DisPill).

Free Same Day Prescription Delivery Services

prescription delivery service shillington paDelivery services- We offer delivery service to your door at no additional cost. We deliver Monday thruFriday in Berks County PA area.

Same day delivery on order placed before 11:00 AM. We will gladly add any OTC or Vitamins you may need to your order. Getting set up with delivery is very easy. Learn more about our free prescription delivery service.

Clinical Services

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, PA want to be fore front of the healthcare. We believe in preventative more than treatment. Drugs without proper education and instruction are dangerous. We provide education through our MTM (Medication Therapy Management) program to review your medical history in detail.

We provide non-invasive cheek swabs Pharmacogenetic testing to determine right medication based on your genetics.Our Medication Synchronization program help you synch all your medication to make is simple and easier for you to pick all your medication in a single trip. Learn more about our clinical services.

Extended Day Supply Generic Program

Generic medication should not be expensive. There is alternative to expensive medication. We supply a 6 month and a one year supply at low cost that may beat your Co-Pay prices.

We have a list of medication including Sildenafil that you may get it at lower prices. You may inquire about our Sildenafil pricing.

Immunization Services

Immunization shillingtonThe Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, PA is certified to administer all adult vaccine. We provide all the vaccine recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) .

Most of the vaccine are covered by most of the insurance for as little as $0 Co-Pay. There no need to make an appointment, you could walk in any time we are open. Learn more about our immunization service.

 OTC and Vitamins

We carry most of OTC (over-the-counter) product in the store. We are able to get any product next day. We carry niche vitamins that design to take based on your medication.

SolutionRx are vitamins to replace vitamins depleted by your medication. We are the first pharmacy in Berks County to carry medical grade CBD oils. Learn more about our over-the-counter medicine & Vitamins.

At The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Of Shillington, PA

We Make Getting Your Prescription & Immunization Services Easy

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