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multi dose packaging similar to pillpack.

 *With Multi-Dose Packaging "EZ Med Pack" by The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, Berks County, PA, taking your daily medication becomes easier and much simpler. 

If you take multiple medications throughout the day, you know how much effort goes into keeping your pills and your schedule organized.

When you enroll in this innovative pill pack (pillpack) service, our pharmacist places the pills you need for each dose into individual packets.

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What is the EZ Med Pack Multi-Dose Packaging System?

Simply put, EZ Med Pack is an innovative and patented multi-dose packaging system that makes it easy and safe to take your medication.

EZ Med Pack will contain easy to peel blister pack (cells) with your prescribed medication and labeled with your name, the name of your medication, and the date and specific time (morning, noon, evening and bedtime) to take your medicine.

Benefits of Pharmacy Multi-Dose packaging  multi dose packaging ez med pack

Color-coded with Day and Time

With an EZ Med Pack Multi-dose packaging system, you know  the specific day and time to take all your medication. 

Convenience On-The-Go 

With our clean and convenient EZ Med Pack system by your side, you can take your medicine with you wherever you go. 

A single or Multiple Dose

With its easy to detach blisters, you can detach a single dose or multiple doses to suit your needs.

Easy To PeelEasy to open better than pillpack

Simply detach a cell from your pillpack and peel off the label. 

Sorted and Packaged by Your Pharmacist

With our EZ Med Pack multi-dose packaging system, your medication will be sorted for you and packaged by a professional pharmacist located right here in Shillington, Reading, PA.

EZ Med Pack will improve your quality of life and make taking your medication more safe and accurate.

Know When To Take Your Medicine With EZ Med Pack  Multi-Dose Packaging

Our labels make it easy to identify when to take your pills because each cell has the date and time. The label is also color coded to make it easier to visually identify the time of day.

Multi-dose packaging is a safer, easier way for you to keep up with your medication schedule. Plus, the packets are easy to open, which make them convenient to take with you wherever you go, and ensure that medications are being taken constantly and on time.

We also perform an informal Medication Management Therapy  (link to Clinical services) when enrolling in our EZ Med Pack program to reconcile your medication.

EZ Med Pack isn’t just for prescribed medications. It’s also a time saving solution for anyone who takes multiple over-the- counter fitness and dietary supplements throughout the day. We can deliver or mail  your EZ Med Pack package to your house for free.

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This packing system is a "MIRACLE", my husband feels much better after enrolling in EZ Med Pack. He is finally taking his right medication at the right time. Thank You - Katie, PA


Why do I need a Multi Dose Packaging? Am I a good candidate for an EZ Med Pack compliance packaging

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you would benefit from monthly medication compliance packing:

  1. Are you taking more than 6 Drugs/Pills?
  2. Do you forget to take your Drugs/Pills?
  3. Are you occasionally unsure if you haven taken your medication or not, and risk taking too much or too little?
  4. Do you have loved ones who are unable to manage their medications

If you answer is “YES” to any of these question, then Ez Med Pack will be very helpful for you or your loved ones.

With our EZ Med Pack system (previously known as Dis-Pill, or DisPill) you will have no more bottles clustering your living space. You will not only remember to take your medication, but you will also have confidence that you are it correctly when you take your medications by looking at EZ Med Pack (our Pillpack system).

Common name for EZ Med Pack are;

  • DisPill, or Dis-Pill
  • Bubble pack
  • Pill box
  • Monthly medication box
  • Compliance packet or packaging

To learn more about The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington's multi-dose medication distribution system ("EZ Med Pack"), Call us now at 610-777-2313

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EZ Med Pack is Available at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, Reading, PA

We Make Taking Your Medicine Easier With The Multi Dose Packaging "EZ Med Pack"